Zurich AU

Scam alert: fictitious “Zurich fixed rate life insurance funds”

June 2021


Zurich has been made aware of a sophisticated scam promoting so called, “Zurich Fixed Rate Life Insurance Funds.” The fictitious, scam funds are being promoted by the names:

  1. Zurich Australia 6 month fixed rate life insurance fund
  2. Zurich Australia 1 year fixed rate life insurance fund
  3. Zurich Australia 3 year fixed rate life insurance fund
  4. Zurich Australia 5 year fixed rate life insurance fund
  5. Zurich Australia 10 year fixed rate life insurance fund

THESE ARE NOT LEGITIMATE ZURICH PRODUCTS. The perpetrators of the scam are impersonating Zurich, alongside other well-known, Australian and international companies, offering fraudulent and fictitious bonds and other fixed income investments.

This scam generates leads via unlicensed comparison investments websites or phishing emails.

What to look out for:

  1. Do not use the following contact details – they are not legitimate to Zurich
    - Phone: +61 283 798 007
    - Email: info@zurich-life.com.au
    - Website: www.zurich-life.com.au

  2. Victims may be sent emails containing fake prospectus documents purporting to be issued by Zurich. Please beware of the following materials:


Fraudulent product brochure / prospectus associated with the scam

Fraudulent website: www.zurich-life.com.au

How to ensure you are dealing with Zurich legitimately

  1. Review Zurich’s website (www.zurich.com.au.)  Legitimate products are listed on the following pages:
    Life insurance products
    Managed investments

  2. Contact us directly via
    Phone 131 551 (Australia-wide) /  +61 2 9995 3777 (Overseas)
    Email - client.service@zurich.com.au

  3. Speak to your trusted financial adviser (with an AFS license)

What you should do if you suspect you are a victim of the scam

If you believe you are a victim of this scam, report the scam to ASIC to help them identify the scammer and prevent the scam from spreading. 

ASIC has released public warnings about these fake schemes, including here.