Keeping your data safe

Cyber risks are at an all-time high. At Zurich, we prioritise your security and remain dedicated to protecting your data. 

How we keep your data safe

Zurich takes data protection and cyber risk mitigation extremely seriously and our priority is protecting your data. We aim to uphold the confidentiality and integrity of the data we hold and have robust infrastructure, processes, data encryption and access controls in place to protect it. We leverage our global capabilities to make sure our security keeps pace with ever changing threats.

What you can do to stay safe

  • Safeguard your personal information with strong passwords, enable multi-factor authentication (where available), and exercise caution when online. 
  • Remain alert to increased scam activity, especially email and SMS or telephone phishing scams (i.e., fraudulent communications disguised as if to look like they come from an organisation you trust) and, in particular any such scam activity purporting to come from Zurich.
  • Pay close attention to messages or emails that:

    • Aren't quite right. Scammers may use similar email addresses (e.g. and copy the look and feel of official messages to trick you into thinking a message is legitimate
    • Have spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar
    • Include an urgent call to action, such as asking you to unlock or verify an account.
    • Contain offers that are “too good to be true” such as no risk, high return investments or promises of large financial rewards for completing simple tasks.

  • Do not click on any suspicious links or provide your passwords or any personal information. Always refuse any unprompted request from an individual to access to your computer even if they say they are from a credible organisation. 

If you have any concerns or emails that you would like to validate with us, please contact us

More information

Here are some websites you can visit to for guidance and advice on safeguarding your personal information and data:

  • IDCARE: IDCARE offers free support and services to aid victims of identity and cybervrime in recovering from damage to their reputation, credit history, and identity information.
  • Scamwatch: Scamwatch provides valuable information to consumers and small businesses on how to recognize, avoid, and report scams.
  • Moneysmart: Moneysmart offers resources and information to help Australians take control of their financial lives.
  • Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC): The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) provides expert advice and information on how to protect yourself and your business while navigating the online world.
  • The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC): The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) offers guidance and advice to both businesses and consumers on safeguarding personal information.