Zurich Leadership team

Justin Delaney

Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Australia and New Zealand

Life & Investments leadership team

Kieran Forde

Chief Distribution Officer, Life & Investments

Jacqui Lennon

Head of Customer and Digital

Darren Wickham

Head of Group Insurance

Matthew Drennan

Head of Savings and Investments

Dr Sally Phillips

Head of Health Services, Life & Investments

Linda Griffin

Head of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Australia & New Zealand

Hilary Bates

Chief Operating Officer, Australia & New Zealand

Daniel Longden

Chief Financial Officer, Australia & New Zealand

General Insurance, Australia and New Zealand leadership team

Sean Walker

Head of General Insurance, Australia and New Zealand

Tim Scott-Young

Chief Claims Officer, General Insurance

Giles Crowley

Chief Distribution and Deal Management Officer, General Insurance

Shared Services leadership team

Cathy Manolios

General Counsel, Head of Corporate Governance

Jaimie Sach

Chief Risk Officer

Rodney Hanratty

Head of Human Resources