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For 40 years our Australian and global funds have given astute investors a distinct advantage, through access to independently sourced, best in class fund managers around the world. Through our rigour and expertise, Zurich Investments provides Australian advisers and investors with outstanding wealth-building opportunities.

Our funds are rated by a number of Australian research houses such as Lonsec, Zenith and Morningstar.

Meet our Strategic Investment Partners

Zurich Investments provides exclusive access to specialist managers recognised as being amongst the best in their area of expertise.

American Century Investments

We appointed American Century Investments in 2009 to manage the Zurich Investments Global Growth Share Fund, and then launched the Concentrated Global Growth Fund in 2015.

American Century Investments were established in 1958 and today have over US$213 billion in funds under management and employ 196 investment professionals*.  They have a truly unique ownership structure where over 40% of the company is owned by The Stowers Institute for Medical Research, which allows strong philanthropic support for research and development into gene-based diseases.

*as at 31 December 2020

Funds they manage

Lazard Asset Management

We appointed Lazard Asset Management as our strategic investment partner to manage the Zurich Investments Global Thematic Share Fund in November 2003.

With an average of 31 years’ experience between the 4 co-portfolio managers, the investment team analyses the major changes taking place around the world and identifies themes which represent a distinct investment opportunity. All themes are methodically researched and tested in order to establish their validity and the portfolio typically includes 8-12 themes at any time.

Funds they manage

Renaissance Property Securities

We appointed Renaissance Property Securities Pty Ltd (Renaissance) as the strategic investment partner for the Australian Property Securities Fund in November 2005.

Renaissance, a boutique manager established in April 2003, is owned by two experienced investment professionals who directly manage the Zurich Fund. With over 45 years’ combined experience, investors benefit from the Fund Managers’ successful track record and focused expertise in Australian property securities investing.

Funds they manage

Find a full list of our strategic investment partners below:

Zurich Investments provides exclusive access to specialist managers recognised as being amongst the best in their area of expertise. The strategic investment partners for each underlying asset class for the fund are as follows:

Asset Class Strategic Investment Partner
Australian shares Antares Capital Partners
Celeste Funds Management
Tyndall AM
Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited
DWS International GmbH
International shares American Century Investment Management, Inc
Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co
Realindex Investments Pty Limited
Wells Capital Management, Inc
Epoch Investment Partners, Inc
Australian property securities Renaissance Property Securities Pty Ltd
Global property securities Presima Inc.
Alternative investments Insight Investment Management (Global) Limited
Robeco Hong Kong Limited
Infrastructure Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co
Fixed interest and cash Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited
Absolute return bond AllianceBernstein Investment Management Australia Limited

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A financial adviser can help you to decide which investment strategy best suits you. Zurich provides access to services that can connect you to a financial adviser:

ASIC’s MoneySmart website also has valuable information on what to look for when choosing a financial adviser.

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