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Risk Engineering

As your business becomes more complex, so too do your risks.

Zurich’s risk management methodology is a process of continuous improvement that starts with risk identification. We take into account a number of factors to assess and grade your exposures so you can prioritise and manage your risks. Our team of risk engineers work in partnership with our global customers, often over many years, to build up a wealth of in-depth knowledge and insights. This allows us to provide the best advice to help you protect your business by making more informed investment decisions around your risk management strategy.

Zurich's Risk Assessment methodology

To manage your risks, you must know your risks.The Zurich Hazard Analysis (ZHA) is a powerful method for systematically identifying and managing all types of risks. ZHA has been successfully applied for over 20 years in various industrial sectors, ranging from heavy engineering and electronics to the chemical/pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries as well as service industries such as banking and insurance, and the public sector.

Zurich's  Risk Grading

We grade your risk using our core risk assessment tool Zurich Risk Grading, which allows benchmarking between a customer’s sites and global industry peers. There are separate gradings available for property fire, business interruption, machinery breakdown, theft and a range of natural perils. In addition we have specific industry gradings for mining, power generation and oil or petrochemical risks.


The consistent risk grading methodology supported by our Risk Engineering reporting platform allows us to provide further  insight in terms of industry and geographical benchmarking.

Fatigue Risk Management

Zurich Risk Engineering, in partnership with InterDynamics, have developed a Fatigue Risk Management System to help our customers manage the risks associated with fatigue.

Z Fleet Navigator

A powerful and secure web-based claims reporting and analysis tool that revolutionises the way customers manage their fleet’s risks, ensuring it is kept on the road.

Zurich Fleet Intelligence

As one of the largest fleet insurers in the world, we have combined our in-depth understanding of fleet insurance, operations and fleet Risk Engineering, to create a unique solution called Zurich Fleet Intelligence.

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Damage to your property as a result of fire, accidental damage, machinery breakdown, natural perils or a security breach could keep you from running your business. A property protection plan can help to prevent or minimise the impact of an incident – whether it’s minor or major. Our Risk Engineers are trained to spot areas where losses may occur or where there is a potential exposure. They will then make recommendations so you can address these areas before they become a problem. We look for bespoke solutions, tailored to the needs and culture of the customer’s specific circumstances.

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As a construction project moves through its lifecycle the risks it faces continually change. This is why risk management gaps can occur, even when the best intentioned processes are in place. Zurich's Risk Engineers are trained to spot areas where losses may occur so we can make recommendations that address them before they become a problem. It's about providing bespoke solutions, tailored to the needs of your specific circumstances. 

Our expertise lies in the following industries and sectors: 

  • Public infrastructure
  • Ports
  • Energy and mining
  • Power generation
  • Manufacturing and processing plants
  • Buildings – large commercial buildings


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Protect yourself against the inevitable legal risks that can arise when you are a large organisation. This includes liability and costs relating to injured employees, contractors and visitors, as well as the risks associated with your products and services and the way you advertise them. Zurich's Occupational Health and Safety and Liability Risk Engineers can work with you to evaluate a wide range of exposures with a view to recommending the right controls, which could include management, engineering design or behavioural solutions. Key to this is our analysis of claims data which provides critical insight into lessons learned and processes to be strengthened or modified.

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Disruption in the delivery of products or problems with regulatory compliance can adversely affect your business through loss of sales, customer loyalty or brand reputation. Our specialist marine risk engineers can tailor a program to help you manage risk and minimise loss. This includes reviewing management systems for gaps and areas of improvement, assessing business logistics and site needs, as well as any post-loss analysis.

Our specialist advice covers:

  • Project risk
  • Sourcing equipment
  • Transport routes and location of projects
  • Outlining modules that are considered critical because of value and replacement time
  • Supply chain and the impact of blockage, strikes, transport routes or vessel capabilities


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Motor Fleet

Promoting a safety culture can keep vehicles on the road. After all, prevention is better than cure.  Zurich can help raise awareness of risk exposures and controls, assisting clients to educate drivers and operators as well as implement sustainable measures to ensure vehicles are a safe and efficient workplace. Our local Fleet Risk Engineering team consists of industry experienced safety and risk management professionals who help our customers make their fleets safer and more efficient.

Virtual Risk Manager

Virtual Risk Manager is a unique online-based driver safety management system designed to help companies manage their occupational road risk and promote a crash-free culture within their organisation. It helps companies assess the competency of drivers and determine higher risk drivers that should receive further driver training.

Occupational Health and Safety

Managing health and safety is key to operational excellence. A well-planned approach demonstrates to all stakeholders the necessary steps to meet your duty of care as an employer, as well as the operational efficiencies and cost savings that come with fewer workplace accidents. Zurich’s risk engineers have experience across many industries and have a range of tools to assist you in identifying vulnerabilities and correct potential hazards. We can help you to identify, analyse and understand the risks specific to your business to enable the development of a safety program that can be measured and plugged into your procedures and standards, action plans and training facilitation.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Risk is rapidly becoming one of the key exposures for manufacturers, traders and retailers. Supply Chain Risk considers the upstream (suppliers) and downstream (customers) vulnerabilities of a business to interruption. Zurich's supply chain evaluation provides vital input into an overall business impact analysis, to enable you to better understand your total cost of ownership for goods and services. Our recommended mitigation solutions can then help you optimise your supplier network to protect your profitability from breaks in the chain. Zurich can help you determine where to best focus initial efforts for the greatest potential impact on your sustainability and profit protection.



How to apply

We sell Zurich Insurance through independent insurance brokers so you can be sure it's the right cover for your needs.

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