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Managed Growth Fund

A mix of Australian and international shares, fixed interest securities, property securities and cash.

The Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund was first launched as a wholesale superannuation portfolio in 1979, making it one of the oldest managed funds in Australia that is still open for investment. Over this period, the fund has delivered consistent and competitive returns for investors.

Managed Growth Fund key features

  • Long-term capital growth
  • Regular income that is paid quarterly
  • Diversification across two levels: asset class and strategic investment partners
  • Managed by a team of highly experienced sector-specialist investment managers

Managed Growth Fund at a glance


Investment universe A diversified portfolio of shares, property securities, fixed interest securities and cash
Investment style Diversified
Benchmark The fund aims to achieve CPI+2.5% pa over rolling five year periods before fees and taxes.
Risk profile Medium
Suggested investment timeframe Five years
Distribution frequency Quarterly



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