Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

Typically, a TPD claim pays out a lump sum payment if you’re permanently disabled and unable to work. The ability to provide for yourself and family becomes a real challenge, and living daily with a disability comes with its own major stress. A TPD claim is more common than people think and Zurich’s TPD offering has the addition of a number of non-occupation based assessment criteria that alleviate reliance on a client’s future ability to work, this is called extended activities of daily living (Extended ADLs). This gives claimants additional confidence that when needed, Zurich will be there.


Annette's Claim Story

As a business owner and provider I’ve always made sure things are taken care of especially when it comes to me as the main breadwinner. Being on my feet all day normally gave me a buzz, but over time it started to become painful to walk and I got to a point where I was hobbling around most days.

By the time I got to my doctor I was in a lot of pain. After the MRI it was conclusive that I had Synoval Sarcoma, in my foot measuring the size of a ping-pong ball. The only way forward was to amputate from the knee down.

This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face. The amputation surgery went as well as it could, and my adviser in conjunction with the Zurich claims team helped me organise a TPD claim payout with surprising simplicity, the best part was being able to deal with one in-house specialist throughout the whole process, it really helped me stay calm and allow me to get things back on track.”

TPD Claims by age and gender