Income Protection

Income Protection helps protect your most important asset, your income. Zurich believes getting back on your feet and back to work long term after a mental or physical health event is critical. The road back to health should not be compounded by the financial stress that a reduced income can bring to you and those around you.


Bethany’s Income Protection Claim Story

I’ve always lived a really active and adventurous life, my fiancé and I take it in turns of coming up with the next adventurous weekend. I was on my way back from one of our weekends away when I couldn’t get any relief from a stuffy nose after our flight. For months I tried sinus sprays, inhalations even Bach remedies…You name it I’d tried it. It never really went away. But when I started to experience hearing loss and needed to feel the wall in order to keep my balance, I realised this was something far bigger than just a stuffy nose.

When my doctor first gave me the diagnosis of Acoustic Neuroma, I was shocked and devastated…my immediate thoughts were, ‘Why me? Once all the initial shock and tears had subsided, my surgery date was scheduled and my adviser worked closely with Zurich to ensure they had all the necessary information from my doctor to claim my income protection, a monthly benefit equivalent to 75% of my usual income. The surgery was a success and when I woke up my advisor told me that my Income Protection had been approved and was in my bank account. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to know I could just focus my energies on healing and most importantly get on with planning our next  adventure.”

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