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Superannuation contributions

Superannuation contributions are the payments made into your superannuation fund for your retirement.

Superannuation contributions can come from a variety of sources, including your employer or private funds.

Ensuring that you maximise the wealth that your superannuation contributions can add to your retirement funds can make a difference to how you retire.


How Zurich can help

The Zurich Superannuation Plan accepts a wide variety of superannuation contributions.

Types of superannuation
Compulsory employer
superannuation contributions
For most employees, employers are required to make a minimum contribution to superannuation in accordance with industrial awards, workplace agreements and the Government
Superannuation Guarantee (SG) legislation.
Voluntary employer
superannuation contributions
Any amount an employer pays above the compulsory amount is deemed to be voluntary superannuation contributions.
Salary sacrifice
contributions (pre-tax contributions)
Your employer may be willing to make contributions to your superannuation account as part of your total remuneration package instead of to you as salary. If you are interested in salary sacrifice you should discuss this further with your employer and your
financial adviser.  
Personal superannuation
contributions (post-tax contributions)
Personal superannuation contributions are any amount paid from your salary after tax. This does not include superannuation contributions made through a salary sacrifice

superannuation contributions
If you are self-employed you are not required by law to make superannuation contributions. However, you may wish to do so in the form of tax deductible retirement savings.

Spouse superannuation
Individuals can make superannuation contributions on behalf of their spouse. The contributing spouse may be entitled to a tax offset.

Rollovers and transfers
from other funds
If you change funds or jobs you can transfer or roll over your superannuation to your Zurich Superannuation Plan.
Government co-contributions If you meet certain criteria and make personal superannuation contributions the Government will match it to certain limits.



Important: The Trustee can only accept non-concessional contributions (personal/after-tax contributions) where you have provided details of your Tax File Number and provided the contribution does not result in the non-concessional contributions cap being exceeded.

Find an adviser

Choosing the right superannuation or retirement income plan to suit your individual needs is an important decision. If you need help in finding a financial adviser, you may want to try one of the following websites:

Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)

Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)

ASIC’s MoneySmart website also has valuable information on what to look for when choosing a financial adviser.