How it works

Total and Permanent Disablement insurance

If you become so sick or injured that you are permanently unable to work, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance can help you retain as much quality of life as possible.

We all work hard to create the best lifestyle possible for both ourselves and our loved ones. But have you considered what would happen if you became so sick or injured you were permanently unable to work?

That’s why TPD insurance is so important. It provides a lump sum that replaces future earnings and could also go towards paying debts, extra medical expenses and the longer term care you may require. It could also help you to make changes to your home to accommodate things like wheelchairs.

Here is an example of how TPD insurance works.

Ahmed has been working as a self employed mechanic for 15 years. He also enjoys fishing off his boat on the weekends. One weekend Ahmed is involved in a serious boating accident with part of his body being crushed between two boats. As a result, Ahmed suffers permanent spinal injury losing the use of his body's right side. Ahmed’s doctor advises him that he can no longer work as a mechanic and faces life confined to a wheelchair.

Clearly this news devastates Ahmed, but as he comes to terms with his changed life he is grateful for the financial relief provided by his TPD policy. Not only does the payment make up for lost income, he also uses it to fund the cost of his ongoing rehabilitation, as well as the changes he needs to make to both his home and car to accommodate his wheelchair.

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