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Life cover

Protect your family with the financial support they need in the event you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Thinking about things like death or a serious illness can be confronting. But life cover is important because it helps your family and loved ones should something unexpected happen.

It’s about putting a plan in place to reduce the stress of things like mortgage payments, school fees and funeral expenses, when you’re no longer there to support your family. 

Here is an example of how life cover works.

Brian and Sally's story

Brian is only 50 when he suffers a heart attack and tragically dies, leaving behind his wife Sally and their three children, all aged less than 10 years old. Just prior to his death, Brian and Sally were delighted to move into a new family home which they planned to renovate.

Sally works part-time and without Brian her income is not enough to cover the new mortgage and the upcoming renovations, let alone the costs related to having three school-aged children. Thankfully, prior to buying their new house Sally insisted that both she and Brian upgraded their life cover. The lump sum payment she received soon after Brian’s passing was invaluable. It meant Sally wasn't forced to seek full time work to make ends meet. She was able to keep the family home and the children didn't have to change schools.

Brian’s life cover provided a sense of stability for both Sally and her children as they dealt with their tragic loss. It meant Sally could concentrate on supporting her children knowing that their life plans could continue.

Zurich can cover you

See how you can cover yourself with Zurich’s range of life insurance products.

How to buy life insurance from Zurich?

There are two ways you can buy life insurance from us.

Either through a financial adviser or you can deal directly with us. 

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