Zurich LiveWell

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zurich LiveWell?

Zurich LiveWell is a digital wellness benefits program designed to help support your mental, physical and social wellbeing.

And while we know improved health and wellbeing brings its own rewards, a little extra motivation can make a big difference. Zurich LiveWell provides some extra support and encouragement by giving you tailored tools and resources to help you live a healthier, happier life – along with exclusive benefits for members. 

It’s simple and intuitive – track your physical activity and get healthy tips on the go with the easy to use app and web portal. Clear and achievable targets encourage you to reach your health and wellness goals from the very first steps. By achieving targets you may be awarded with a discount of up to 7.5% off the cost of your Zurich insurance policy each year, depending on which Reward Tier goal you have reached at the end of each membership period. 

Who is eligible for Zurich LiveWell?

Zurich LiveWell is currently only available to:

  • anyone taking out a new eligible life insurance policy with Zurich through a financial adviser; or
  • customers increasing (or adding to) their cover on an existing eligible Zurich life insurance policy through a financial adviser.

To be a Zurich LiveWell Member, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • provide your valid phone number and email address;
  • be insured under an eligible Zurich insurance policy;
  • meet any other eligibility criteria or conditions described as part of your application process; and
  • be an individual and not a company or trust.
  • You may hold no more than one Zurich LiveWell Membership at any time.


How do I apply for Zurich LiveWell?

To become a Zurich LiveWell Member you must complete an application as part of your life insurance application with Zurich. This needs to be done through a financial adviser.

Once received by us, we will process your application and determine your eligibility. If we approve your membership application, you will become a Zurich LiveWell Member and we will communicate to you how to register to use your Zurich LiveWell Membership. You will need to complete the registration process to begin using your Zurich LiveWell Membership.

How much does it cost to be a member of the Zurich LiveWell program?

Zurich LiveWell membership is currently free.

However, Zurich Australia Limited reserves the right to introduce an annual membership fee in accordance with the Zurich LiveWell Terms and Conditions.

Can I access Zurich LiveWell on a tablet device?

Yes, you can access Zurich LiveWell on your tablet device via the Zurich LiveWell web portal.

The Zurich LiveWell web portal should work on most web browsers.  Please ensure that you have the latest version of your default browser installed on your device. Please note: the Zurich LiveWell web portal is not compatible with Internet Explorer V.8 or below.

The Zurich LiveWell app is only compatible with an Apple iPhone or Android phone. It may work on some tablets but certain elements may not display properly and certain functionality will not be available.  We recommend you access Zurich LiveWell via the web portal on a table device.

Is Zurich LiveWell a medical platform?

Zurich Livewell is intended to provide health and wellness information, and assistance for users who wish to change their health behaviours.

It is not intended to provide medical advice and Zurich LiveWell does not and should not replace the relationship between you and your healthcare professional.

Click here for the Zurich LiveWell Terms & Conditions.

Where does the content come from and can it be trusted?

The content for the Zurich In Focus and Rewards sections of the program are provided by Zurich.  All other Zurich LiveWell content is provided by HealthLogix, who have been providing Australians with valuable and evidence-based, health-related content for more than five years.

Click here to read HealthLogix’s full Content Policy.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points through a number of different activities such as achieving a daily step or activity score target, reading articles, taking quizzes or volunteering. Click here for a full list of activities that can earn you points.

What do these points mean?

At Zurich, we want you to be rewarded for living an active, healthy lifestyle! By engaging with the Zurich LiveWell program, you will earn points based on activity that contributes to your overall health and wellbeing! In addition to plenty of offers along the way, you can receive a discount off the cost of your insurance policy in the following year.

The more points you accumulate, the higher the discount you will receive!

The end of each membership period is called your Rewards Tier Goal Date. From the day you become a member, you will have 320 days to earn points. This is to allow for any applicable discounts to be applied to all qualifying policies in the following year. As your first membership period is shorter than a full year, you get 1,000 starter bonus points the first time you participate in any points scoring activity on the app or portal during your first membership period.

Subsequent membership periods will automatically commence the day after the first Rewards Tier Goal Date and end one year after that date until your membership ends.

The Reward Tier Goal Date is displayed on the main dashboard on the Zurich LiveWell app and web portal.  Your accumulated points at the Rewards Tier Goal Date, will place you in a Reward Tier for the membership period (see table below) and the corresponding % discount will be applied to the cost of your policy for the following year at the time of policy renewal. Your Reward Tier and points balance re-set at the start of each new membership period


Reward Tier

Total number of points required to achieve tier each membership period

Level of discount off of following year premiums













When do I get a discount on my policy/policies?

The end of each membership period is called your Rewards Tier Goal Date and this date is displayed on the main dashboard on the Zurich LiveWell mobile app and web portal. At this date, the total number of points you have accumulated over the membership period will place you in one of the Zurich LiveWell Rewards Tiers. Each of these tiers has a corresponding discount. See table below. 

Reward Tier

Total number of points required to achieve tier each membership period

Level of discount off of following year premiums













Any eligible policies will have that discount applied as they renew during the following 12 months. Any discount amount applied will be shown on your policy anniversary notice.

Click here for an example of how the membership periods work and when discounts are applied to policies.


What does the Activity Tracker measure?

The Activity Tracker measures your Steps and Activity Score

Your Steps count is based on the number of steps that have been recorded by your fitness apps today.

Your Activity Score is an indicator of how physically active you have been on a particular day, based on the activity types (walking, swimming, cycling, running, etc.) that have been recorded by your fitness apps. It considers the level of energy exerted (active calories burned) for each activity depending on your gender, age, height and weight information that you have recorded in any of the fitness apps linked to Zurich LiveWell. Where no vital statistic information has been provided to your linked fitness apps, average population measurements for age, height & weight are applied to derive your activity score.

The markers on your Zurich LiveWell activity tracker indicate the daily targets and corresponding points, as indicated below:



Reaching daily step target of 5000 or Activity score of 50


Reaching daily step target of 10000 or Activity score of 100

20 more

Reaching daily step target of 12000 or Activity score of 120

10 more

The maximum number of points you can earn a day for any recorded physical activity (steps or activity score) is 50.

For example achieving 10,000 steps each day would earn you 40 points a day and over 14,000 points a year.

Achieving a daily Activity score of 100 would earn you 40 points a day and over 14,000 points a year.

Points are awarded based on the better between Steps and Activity Score. For example, 5000 Steps and an Activity Score of 100 in one day would give you 40 points for that day. The points are awarded for your activity score - Because it is the better of the two, for the day.

Your Steps count and Activity Score reset back to zero at midnight every day.

Certain activities (e.g. walking and running) may count both towards your Steps and Activity Score each day, whilst other activities (e.g. cycling and swimming) will only count towards your Activity Score, which considers the level of energy exerted for each activity. This means the same activity can result in a difference between Steps and Activity Score. For example, the same number of steps can result in a different Activity Score depending on how fast you are walking or running.

How do I connect my physical activity tracking app or wearable device to Zurich LiveWell?

Click on the menu in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Manage my device’. A page with a list of devices will appear. Find your device in the list and click/tap on it. From there, follow any prompts to connect your device. 

What can I do if I suspect fitness data from my device is not syncing properly with Zurich LiveWell?

If you suspect that fitness data from your device is not syncing properly with Zurich LiveWell make sure your device is properly synced with its corresponding app. The following troubleshooting guides can usually help resolve any issues you might be experiencing.

For iOS Devices

For Android Devices

Will the Zurich LiveWell activity tracker take into account any physical activity that I have manually entered into any of connected my apps/devices?

Only activity data which has been recorded by a physical sensor will be taken into consideration. This can be either a wearable device or smartphone that records activity data passively in the background throughout the day or a dedicated workout session with steps, GPS or heart rate data recorded between a specific start and end time.

Workout sessions which you manually enter into a fitness app are ignored and will not contribute to your daily step count or activity score.

So please make sure that you have your smartphone or wearable device on you when carrying out your chosen physical activity in order for it to count towards reaching your daily step count or activity score point scoring targets.

Why is my activity score increasing while my step count does not?

That is likely because one of your connected fitness apps reported activity to us that is not based on steps - like bicycle riding, for example. While you are performing this type of activity you burn calories which increases your activity score but it won't do anything to your step count. Strava, for example, doesn't measure steps even if it's a running workout. So, Strava will never impact your step count, only your activity score.

Why does a step count of 10,000 not always equal to an activity score of 100?

The activity score is based on the intensity of the physical activities you do throughout the day. If you walk these 10,000 steps slowly then the activity intensity is rather low and the health benefit is not as high as if you had walked those 10,000 steps at a faster speed which would have resulted in a higher activity score. Going for a fast-paced run is the fastest way to boost your activity score in a short time frame.

Why is my activity score different depending on if I record my daily activity using different fitness apps (such as Fitbit or Garmin or Google Fit or Apple Health)?

The activity score relies on the activity calories reported by your connected fitness apps. Every fitness app estimates activity calories differently. Some fitness apps tend to estimate calorie burn higher or lower than other fitness apps for the same activity. Make sure that you keep your date of birth, gender, height and weight information up-to-date across all your connected fitness apps.

Why is my activity score and step count higher on days when I wear my activity tracker vs. just my phone?

You usually wear your activity tracker on your wrist non-stop throughout the whole day which allows the wearable device to track all your activity on that day including all your small activities like quickly walking to the kitchen and back. However, your phone may not always be on your person. For example, people tend to leave it on the table while walking to the kitchen which means that little piece of activity won’t have been recorded by your phone. It's the little activities spread throughout the day that add up to a decent activity score and step count at the end of the day.