June 03, 2019

June 03, 2019 | Media Releases

Zurich completes acquisition of ANZ’s life insurance business

• Sees creation of #1 IFA channel life insurer and #5 Group life insurer   • 20 year distribution partnership with ANZ

  • Sees creation of #1 IFA channel life insurer and #5 Group life insurer
  • 20 year distribution partnership with ANZ

Zurich’s acquisition of ANZ’s life insurance business, OnePath Life, is now officially complete.

The completion of the sale sees Zurich acquire the OnePath brand and product range, along with more than 500 employees who have joined the Zurich Life and Investments team across Australia. It also marks the commencement of a 20 year agreement for the distribution of life insurance through ANZ’s bank channels.

As has been confirmed, Zurich intends to invest further in the OnePath brand and OneCare life insurance offering, and both the Zurich and OnePath brands and product sets will continue to compete with - and complement – each other in the open market.

CEO of Zurich Life & Investments, Mr Tim Bailey, said that this ‘multi proposition’ strategy would allow both customers and advisers to benefit from the breadth of choice offered by two specialist life insurance brands.

“We’re delighted to see the OnePath Life and Zurich teams come together to create one of Australia’s leading life insurers”, said Mr Bailey.

“Both Zurich and OnePath share a longstanding Australian heritage, with strong brands that are well supported by advisers and customers”.

Bailey sees continued investment in both the Zurich and OnePath offerings as crucial at a time when advisers are demanding more choice and more innovative ways to meet their clients’ protection needs.

As medical treatments improve and the working age extends, more and more Australians are living through serious health conditions, fundamentally changing their need for life cover. With advisers and clients are looking for new solutions to meet their needs, the standalone and complementary strengths of the Zurich and OnePath offerings are well placed to lead this evolution.

“Both Zurich and OnePath are known for their innovation and advisers can expect to see that continue with updated product and service offerings to be rolled out by both brands during 2019”, said Mr Bailey.

The acquisition also sees a new combined leadership team take effect, comprising senior members from the previous Zurich and ANZ/OnePath teams.

“We have been able to assemble a team of leaders who are amongst the most talented and respected in the industry, and I think the balance of the team sends a powerful signal about our intention and capability to execute our multi proposition strategy”, Mr Bailey said.

From a practical perspective, advisers and customers should expect to notice little, if any, change as a result of the acquisition, with the dedicated infrastructure of both businesses remaining in place.

“Advisers don’t want any further disruption, and with each brand continuing to be supported by dedicated teams, they will see no change in processes, relationships, or contact details“, said Mr Bailey.


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