April 07, 2020

April 07, 2020 | Life Insurance News

COVID-19 and Zurich: what you need to know

We are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have taken steps to protect our employees – so we can prioritise our essential functions such as assessing and paying new and existing claims, and responding to any enquiries you have.

Existing Zurich customers.

As a Zurich policyholder, your policy does not have a pandemic exclusion. A claim resulting from you contracting COVID-19 will be assessed in the same way as other injuries and illnesses. If you’re unsure about what you’re covered for, please check your Policy Schedule or contact the financial adviser who helped you tailor your cover.

Looking to take out cover with us?

You may be asked some travel and exposure questions during your application. These questions reflect the government approach to managing COVID-19 and are asked of all applicants regardless of occupation and coverage type.  Your financial adviser can help you through the application process and make sure your cover is right for you.

Helping you look after yourself.

It’s important to look after ourselves during this time, so we’ve partnered with HealthLogix to give you access to a range of health and wellbeing resources. They will be updated regularly and include fact sheets, articles and recipes designed to help you stay healthy and active.