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Keep on trucking with Zurich

The ability to move goods between producers and consumers is the lifeblood of business. Protect your vehicles, the goods you carry as well as your offices and warehouses with Zurich's range of insurance for business.

Here's how it works

BHTL & Sons is a family owned transport company. The company's 10 trucks regularly move goods up and down the east coast of Australia. One day a BHTL truck is driving between Newcastle and Sydney when it is involved in an accident. Thankfully the driver is unharmed but the goods the truck is carrying spill out across the highway and into a nearby ditch.

Thanks to BHTL's Zurich Insurance policies the driver can call Zurich’s Heavy Motor Accident Assist for immediate help. The damage to the truck and other vehicles is also covered under BHTL's Motor Insurance, as is the clean up after the event. The goods that ended up in the ditch were covered under their Marine Cargo policy.

How to apply

We sell Zurich Insurance through independent insurance brokers so you can be sure it's the right cover for your needs.

You can find a broker with the free needabroker service or call NIBA* on 1300 53 10 73  

*NIBA is the peak body for professional insurance brokers in Australia.