Small and medium business


Keep your doors open for business when the unexpected happens

You work hard to always be there for your customers. Zurich can protect your stock, contents and premises, as well as your customers as they browse your wares, with our range of retail insurance.

Here's how it works

Sanita owns a pharmacy. One morning she arrives to open up for the day and discovers the small fridge displaying her probiotic treatments has broken down overnight creating a puddle of water on the floor. She asks one of her staff to quickly grab a mop to clean up the puddle, but as they retrieve the mop from the back cupboard a customer enters the shop. The customer slips in the water and tries to steady himself with a glass cabinet displaying makeup. With a crash he hits the floor, tipping the cabinet and its contents on top of him, smashing the shelves and cutting his head. While Sanita's immediate concern was for her customer, once he was taken away in an ambulance it was then she breathed a sigh of relief. While she would have preferred a much less dramatic start to the day, the Machinery cover meant she was covered for the cost to repair her fridge as well as replacing the now spoiled probiotic treatments. Her Accidental Damage cover meant she was also covered for the cost of replacing the glass cabinet shelves and damaged makeup. And thankfully because she also has Liability cover, her customer's medical expenses were covered.



How to apply

We sell Zurich Insurance through independent insurance brokers so you can be sure it's the right cover for your needs.

You can find a broker with the free needabroker service or call NIBA* on 1300 53 10 73  

*NIBA is the peak body for professional insurance brokers in Australia.