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Zurich Risk Room

Zurich Risk Room is a powerful global risk assessment tool that helps your risk managers, corporate board and strategic advisers to cut through the fog of country risk.    

Zurich Risk Room creates a three-dimensional risk simulation that reflects specific strategic concerns for your company. In its virtual risk world you can see how your chosen risks interplay differently in different countries or regions around the world. This enables you to explore the scenarios that are important to your business and make better-informed strategic decisions.

Not only does Zurich Risk Room provide a global overview of risk at a given point in time, it also allows for simulations that can help your company with scenario planning. The simulations extrapolate changes in risk metrics and show how risks can cascade through complex systems and affect a variety of locations and business situations.

Zurich Risk Room tracks 113 country risks for 174 countries on a monthly basis, with historical data going back to January 2007.

Experience Zurich Risk Room

Zurich Risk Room is available free of charge to Zurich corporate customers who are looking to build a deeper relationship with us.

If you already have access, please visit the Zurich Risk Room*.

If you would like to find out more about the ways Zurich Risk Room can support your business decisions, please contact your Zurich Relationship Manager.

If you would like to try out Zurich Risk Room, you can download a limited version in the form of an iPad app, an Android Tablet app or an online demo version.

*Currently available for Internet Explorer only

Zurich Risk Room is award Winning

Most Innovative Use of Technology by Strategic Risk in 2012
 Business Insurance Innovation Award 2013 in North America
✓ Innovator of the Year Award 2013 by Risk & Insurance
✓ Risk Management Solution of the Year 2013 by IRM (Institute of Risk Managment)
✓ Best Review ’Innovative Showcase’ 2014 in North America
✓ L’Argus d`Or 2014 Award for Best Innovation in France

How to apply

We sell Zurich Insurance through independent insurance brokers so you can be sure it's the right cover for your needs.

You can find a broker with the free needabroker service or call NIBA* on 1300 53 10 73  

*NIBA is the peak body for professional insurance brokers in Australia.