Risk management tools

Fatigue Risk Management

Manage the risks associated with fatigue.

Until recently many organisations have been unable to assess the level of fatigue inherent within their operations due to a lack of intervention tools (other than stopping work). However today there are many intervention tools available such as fatigue based scheduling, power naps, alertness measurement devices, loss investigation and of course, sleep.

Zurich Risk Engineering, in partnership with InterDynamics, has developed a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) to help our customers manage the risks associated with fatigue. It's an integrated, risk-based solution to fatigue management that helps companies to:

  • Determine a Risk Tolerance to either compare with other groups or set as the organisational risk tolerance level
  • Set specific Fatigue Tolerance Levels for selected jobs or tasks
  • Use Fatigue Tolerance Levels to identify appropriate controls/procedures for managing fatigue-related risk and ensuring safe job activity
  • Record the agreed controls/procedures so they are available to be used later

FAID® – Fatigue Assessment Software

FAID® software program is used to estimate work-related fatigue based on hours of work. As part of an overall company Safety Management System, this software helps to identify fatigue exposures and monitor the effects of risk improvements related to hours of work. The program is derived from research developed and validated at the Centre for Sleep Research, University of South Australia, by Dr Adam Fletcher and Professor Drew Dawson.

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