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A long and proud history in protecting large and small companies in the business of moving goods.

Zurich has a long and proud history of providing insurance to companies in the shipping and logistics industries. Our expertise means we can offer services to a wide range of customers, from those who transport goods such as manufacturers, wholesalers, miners, retailers and repairers, or a person moving house through to port operators and complex logistics businesses.

  • Marine Cargo

    From moving goods or simply moving house, Zurich has you covered.

    Marine Cargo Insurance covers the process of moving goods by sea, road, rail and air.

    Annual Policies

    Annual Marine Cargo Insurance: when your goods are carried by others

    Cover yourself with this annual policy that may also extend to stock and equipment at exhibitions. We can also include internationally recognised Institute Clauses with our own special conditions to deliver comprehensive cover.

    Goods in Transit (Own Vehicles) Insurance: protect yourself against the risks associated with moving your own goods

    An annual cover for major transit risks and theft of goods carried by any vehicle that is owned and operated by the insured. This is particularly suitable for small businesses who use one or more vehicles to deliver goods. 

    Specified Items in Transit Insurance: for specific tools, machinery or equipment you transport yourself

    This insurance suits tradies, professionals, small businesses, sporting groups, schools or associations for the transit of specific tools or equipment. Zurich can give you peace of mind when it comes to moving your important items.

    Single Transit

    Single Transit Insurance (Within Australia): for one-off consignments of goods being moved within Australia

    Goods can be insured for loss or damage during transit within Australia. From when goods are first moved until they reach their final destination, this policy can be purchased as and when it is needed.

    Single Marine Cargo Insurance: for one-off insurance cover for import or export shipments

    For one-off insurance to cover import and export shipments, including the Australian leg of the journey.

    Home Removals Insurance: cover your household goods and personal effects when moving house with a professional removalist

    Moving house can be a stressful time. Even more when you are moving to another country. Zurich can take away some of the stress with our Home Removals Insurance that can cover your household goods and personal effects while they are in transit. You can choose from three levels of cover: Silver, Gold or Platinum.

    Professional Carriers

    Goods in Transit (Carriers) Insurance: a policy for commercial carriers to cover loss or damage to their customers' goods

    This cover is available to carriers who can choose from either a 'comprehensive' level of cover or a more 'defined' cover for specific events such as fire, flood or theft.

    Carriers Cargo Liability Insurance: protects carriers with approved consignment notes or other contracts of carriage against their liability

    For carriers operating under approved consignment notes or other contracts to protect themselves against liability. This policy also extends to cover delay, loss of market or consequential loss caused solely by loss or damage to the insured goods.

  • Marine liability insurance

    For companies with exposures in the shipping and logistics industries.

    Zurich's local knowledge and global reach means we can provide insurance designed especially to meet the needs of a sector that is the lifeblood of the global economy.

    Ship Repairers Liability Insurance

    Ship repairers are responsible for watercraft and equipment in their care, custody and control, as well as damage to third party property and personal injury arising in the course of their operations.

    Cover includes liability for:

    • Products
    • Watercraft in care, custody and control
    • Pollution, including clean-up costs
    • Consequential loss and loss of use of damaged watercraft
    • Removal of wreck.

    Port Operators Liability Insurance

    Port operators occupy a unique position in the global logistics chain, exposing them to a wide variety of liability risks. As well as both marine and land-based risks, port operators are also exposed to international and domestic legal regimes. Zurich has developed a package of insurance and risk management services designed to provide a comprehensive insurance solution, drawing from our expert team of risk engineers, maritime lawyers, specialist underwriters and average adjusters.

    Cover includes liability for:

    • Third parties including property damage and personal injury
    • Landlord related services
    • Operational services including pilotage, towage, marine traffic control and stevedoring
    • Fines and penalties
    • Pollution incidents
    • Errors and omissions including delay and consequential loss
    • Wreck removal
    • Legal defence and other costs.


    Optional cover available for:

    • Consultancy services liability
    • Berth and port blockage
    • Port vessel including hull and P&I
    • Infringement of personal rights liability

    Cargo Handling Facility Liability Insurance

    Cargo handling risks involve consideration of domestic, international and maritime legal regimes. Cargo handling facility liability insurance is a package of insurance and risk management services designed to protect cargo handlers and marine terminal operators from their liability exposures.

    Cover includes liability for:

    • Loss or damage to cargo and containers including consequential loss
    • Errors and omissions including delay and consequential loss
    • Damage to third party property including cargo, wharfs and equipment
    • Fines and penalties
    • Operational services including lifting, marshalling, storage and distribution

    Marina Operators Liability Insurance

    Marina operators offer a broad range of marine services including berthing, mooring, storage, fuelling, ship repair and maintenance. They also offer a number of land based services which can include car parks, retail, residential and commercial facilities. Such a broad range of services bring with them inevitable exposures. Zurich offers a comprehensive insurance solution to marina operators which can be tailored to suit individual circumstances.

    Cover includes liability for:

    • Watercraft in care, custody and control
    • Ship repair, storage, moorings, hauling out and fuelling services
    • Movement of vessels not exceeding 40kms from business address
    • Pollution, including clean-up costs
    • Consequential loss and loss of use of damaged watercraft
    • Removal of wreck.

    Charterer's Liability Insurance

    Our liability package is designed to provide cover for the contractual obligations and liability exposures faced by the charterers of vessels. Specific protection includes legal liabilities to the vessels or cargo owner for loss or damage and for third party liabilities faced by charterers arising from the operation of chartered vessels. Zurich offers an insurance solution tailored to suit the individual circumstances of companies that hire ships to carry their cargo or conduct their marine operations

    Cover includes liability for:

    • Damage to chartered vessel
    • Damage to third party property such as wharfs and docks
    • Damage to cargo
    • Pollution
    • Personal injury
    • General average and salvage.

    Logistics Operators Liability Insurance

    The level and extent of services now offered by the logistics industry is significantly more sophisticated than in years gone by. Our Logistics Operators Liability Insurance product has been specifically designed as a comprehensive legal liability insurance solution for the increasingly complex transport and logistics’ industries.

    Cover includes liability for:

    • Loss or damage to cargo and customers equipment including consequential loss
    • Third parties including property damage and personal injury
    • Fines and penalties
    • Pollution incidents
    • Errors and omissions including delay and consequential loss
    • Legal, defence and other costs


    Optional cover includes: 

    • Tenant’s legal liability
    • Infringement of personal rights
    • Consultancy services
    • Products
  • Marine Risk Engineering

    Marine Risk Solutions

    With our global expertise in managing marine risks, we help businesses keep their cargo safe and supply chains flowing. Our cutting-edge Centres of Practice can provide data, tools and insights to help businesses manage new risks, at every point of the supply chain.

How to apply

We sell Zurich Insurance through independent insurance brokers so you can be sure it's the right cover for your needs.

You can find a broker with the free needabroker service or call NIBA* on 1300 53 10 73  

*NIBA is the peak body for professional insurance brokers in Australia.

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