Vehicle Security in Transit

Theft of vehicles and of contents of vehicles can be expensive, time consuming, cause disruption of normal business activities and jeopardize relationships with customers.. Similarly, malicious damage to vehicles can often prove to be expensive, particularly if your company has a high insurance excess. Consideration should also be given to theft target commodities being carried as this often results in loss and/or damage to equipment.

Negative Positive
Vehicle purchasing/specification policies do not take into account the risk of theft and fail to include anti-theft alarm capability. Consideration of factory fitted and retrospectively fitted security devices when ordering company vehicles.
Attractive (theft target) cargos are frequently/regularly carried. Specific Vehicle Security Management Policies and Procedures exist.
Terminals have inadequate parking and/or security measures. Good security arrangements at all company terminals.
Significant numbers of vehicles are operated and/or are parked in known high crime rate areas. Procedures provide guidance to drivers on use of secure parking arrangements/facilities while en route.

  • Perform an assessment of theft risks associated with fleet activities, areas of operation, commodities being carried and vehicle specifications
  • Establish appropriate Security Management Policies after completion of an assessment theft risks
  • Consider including anti-theft devices in Company vehicle specification/purchasing standards
  • Company policies provide guidelines to drivers regarding safe and secure parking when en route and when parking at home.

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