Fleet Risk Management - Policies and Procedures

As with all other aspects of employee safety, it is important that your business has documented Policies and Procedures to help manage the risks associated with the safety of employees when driving.

These Policies and Procedures will help create a Safe Driving Culture, as well as provide the basics for training and accountability throughout the business. Obviously, policies and procedures need to be periodically reviewed and updated.

Negative Positive
No, or uncoordinated Safety Management Policies and Procedures for work-related driving. Driving risks are included in Occupational Health & Safety Management and Committee Meetings.
No Driver Safety Handbook. Processes exist to establish driving related policies and procedures.
No specific vehicle preventative maintenance management. Regular reports to the Board on Safety matters, including driving risks.
Ineffective or no incident reporting procedures. Formal reviews take place periodically on driving related safety policies and procedures.
No risk specific guidance, policies or procedures, such as Drug/Alcohol Policy, Mobile Phone Use.  

  • Establish driving-specific Safety Policies and Procedures, such as Mobile Phone Use, Fatigue Management, Drug/alcohol Policy etc.
  • Periodically review all driving related safety policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that driving safety is embedded within all other aspects of Occupational Health & Safety, such as Committee Meetings, Reports to the Board, Toolbox talks, Safety Communications to staff etc.
  • Provide all drivers with a useful Drivers Safety Handbook.

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  • http://www.qfleet.qld.gov.au/01_about_us/fleet_safety.htm
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