Drug & Alcohol Policy and Controls

Drug and alcohol use amongst the population is quite common. Hence, you may be naïve to think that some of your drivers do not partake in the use of illicit / prescription drugs and alcohol.

The impairment of driving performance associated with drugs and alcohol is well documented and can be severe resulting in fatal consequences.

Negative Positive
Failure to test for drugs and alcohol during driver selection. Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is mandated for all new drivers.
An acceptance that drug and alcohol issues may exist but there is sole reliance on random, on-road Roads Authority / Police testing for detection. Specific A drug and alcohol policy exists and is formally communicated to all drivers as they commence and on an ongoing basis.
No drug and alcohol policy. Random, ongoing drug and alcohol testing is mandated for al drivers.
The drug and alcohol policy fails to address the effects of prescription drugs. A substance abuse program is established with avenues for driver support.

  • Ensure that pre-employment, random ongoing and post collision drug and alcohol testing for all drivers is ‘a way of life’.
  • Ensure that a drug and alcohol policy is communicated to all drivers at induction and clearly details unacceptable behaviour / consumption and disciplinary measures along with any support services.
  • Establish support services (i.e. a substance abuse program) with an appropriate medical practitioner / counsellor for good performing drivers that may declare their drug / alcohol issues in a bid for help.

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