Driver Profile

Full-time permanent drivers, if selected correctly, have greater levels of company loyalty than casual or seasonal drivers, who often are only interested in earning a wage for a period and moving on. The more ‘relaxed’ attitude often associated with seasonal or casual staff often translates into more frequent crashes. Self-employed drivers who operate their own trucks and are offered frequent or long-term contracts are highly regarded too, as they have sufficient business incentives to avoid crashes.

Negative Positive
Significant dependence upon casual drivers, recruited for short term periods and required to drive company owned trucks. Majority of drivers are full-time employees.
Seasonal fluctuations in business operations requires the need for additional drivers for short term periods only. Contracted drivers are used, but only Owner Operators.
Full-time permanent drivers make up less than 70% of driving workforce. Owner Operators are selected using the same criteria as permanent employees (eg, frequent, long-standing contract).
  When recruiting Owner Operators, the same standards of selection are used as for Full-time Permanent Drivers.

  • Try to avoid relying upon short-term labour only hired in drivers, unless it is necessary for holiday and sick leave cover. Try to use an established Driver Hire Agency, and assess their own internal selection and assessment/management procedures that are similar to your own high standards.
  • Assess local Owner Operators, and utilise them to fill in for temporary gaps in your workforce. Try to use the same levels of selection criteria that you would use if employing drivers full-time.