Area of Operation

The area that a truck driver operates in, the distance travelled within that area and the frequency of those trips, have a direct impact upon the exposure to incidents. Long distance haulage is more likely to increase the risk of fatigue, whilst frequent repeated trips over a short distance will allow the driver to be familiar with inherent aspects of the roads used, providing complacency doesn’t set in.

Negative Positive
Long haul trips. Frequent trips over local familiar routes.
Any delivery trips that are a ‘one-off’ or are conducted infrequently. Same drivers are used on infrequent, medium or long haul trips.
  No productivity or time constraints imposed upon drivers.

  • Try to minimise productivity or time constraints on drivers, even for short haul frequent trips.
  • Ensure that medium, long and infrequent trips are suitably planned.
  • Consider using the same driver and truck for frequent medium and long haul trips so that they are familiar with the route, scheduled stops and rest areas.