Fire & Security

Protection for vehicles against fire, theft and vandalism when parked on premises is an important consideration as this is one of the rare instances where your motor fleet may be exposed to multiple vehicle losses (and hence major financial loss) in a single event.

Negative Positive
Significant fire hazard presented by proximity to either hazardous or combustible materials. Fire Department response time is less than five minutes.
No Fire Department available, or response time is in excess of 15 minutes. Adequate water supply (hydrants, etc) onsite.
Speedy removal of vehicles in the event of fire is difficult and/or vehicles are parked unattended on a public street. On site security provided 24/7.
High concentration of equipment / values at one location. Staff have received extensive training in fire prevention, safety procedures in the event of fire and/or fire fighting.
High frequency of damage from fire or theft incidents on site. Vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking and/or recovery units. Regular inspection & maintenance of these units by a certified contractor.

  • Ensure that assigned parking areas are not in proximity to storage or manufacture of dangerous and/or combustible materials.
  • Develop emergency procedures for fire response and ensure that all drivers/staff have received appropriate training. These procedures should address fire prevention, use of fire extinguishers and appropriate fire fighting techniques (if appropriate).
  • Equip vehicles with satellite tracking/recovery units and ensure that regular inspection and maintenance of the units is provided.
  • Designated onsite parking areas should be fenced, gated and manned by 24/7 security.