Vehicle Security Management

Malicious damage and theft of vehicles or their contents can be expensive, time consuming and cause disruption to normal business activities.

It is therefore important for companies to have structured security management policies and procedures in place.

Negative Positive
Company vehicle purchasing policy does not take into account the risk of theft. Consideration of factory fitted and retrospectively fitted security devices when ordering company vehicles.
Carriage of attractive contents and/or samples. Specific vehicle security management policies and procedures.
Depots or offices without adequate car park security measures. Good security arrangements at main company locations.
Significant numbers of vehicles operating, or parked in high crime rate areas. Provide advice to drivers on secure parking arrangements.

  • Establish a security management policy, after assessing the risk of theft of or from vehicles.
  • Put in place minimum security requirements when purchasing or leasing company vehicles.
  • Review security arrangements at main locations, depots, offices etc with a view to protecting vehicles and staff. This may include fencing, access barriers, lighting etc.
  • Provide company policies, advice and recommendations to drivers regarding safe and secure parking when on business and when parking at home.