Mobile Phones

According to research, drivers who use mobile phones when driving, irrespective of hands-free devices, are up to four times more likely to be involved in a collision. Some studies have equated using a mobile phone to being twice over the legal drink drive limit.

In many countries, using a mobile phone ‘to your ear’ when driving is prohibited by law, but there have been cases where the police have prosecuted drivers when ‘hands-free’, by other road traffic legislation, citing ‘unsafe driving’ as the offence.

Negative Positive
Use of mobile phones when driving is not controlled, or left to drivers discretion. All mobile devices are not allowed to be used by employees when driving, including hands-free. This policy is enforced by regular auditing.
A policy exists but is never audited to check compliance. Education has been provided to highlight the dangers of using a phone/device when driving.
Employees have not been informed about the dangers of using any mobile device when driving. There are disciplinary procedures for breaches of this policy.

  • Implement a graduated phase out of mobile phone use when driving. Use the following as a guide:
    • Ensure hand-held phones are not allowed.
    • Prevent outgoing calls being made.
    • Encourage employees to keep incoming calls short and tell the caller that they are driving.
    • Stop all phone use when driving. Ensure voicemail / office support is set up.
  • Create a specific mobile phone policy, and link this to the work-related road risk management policy.
  • Provide awareness training to ensure employees are aware of the dangers of using any mobile device when driving.
  • Ensure that mobile phone dangers are regularly highlighted in all safety communications.
  • Carry out regular audits to ensure compliance with the policy.