A career to go far and wide

Global opportunities

Global opportunities

With operations in 170 countries, Zurich provides worldwide opportunities for you to grow a career with us. If you have international ambitions, we’ll support you when global opportunities arise.

Helping you reach your full potential

“Helping you to reach your full potential” is written into Zurich’s global purpose statement; it’s our north star in providing a supportive and stimulating workplace environment.

We have an annual cycle of performance and development, that involves four formal manager and employee conversations per year. These facilitate a trusting relationship where managers can understand the employee's career aspirations and can guide their development in any way that is appropriate.

The four key phases of the performance and development cycle are:

  • Goal setting
  • Career and development
  • Feedback conversations
  • Year end appraisal

We encourage you to take the lead in pursuing your career goals and will provide ongoing support and development to help you reach your full potential.

Learning and development

We’re committed to supporting you to grow your career with us.  We offer both formal and informal programs for helping you to reach your career goals.

For example, the Zurich Oxygen Academy is an interactive online resource featuring lectures, podcasts and videos, and allows you to connect and share with Zurich peers around the world. Coupled with the Oxygen Program, which features face-to-face learning experiences on a range of topics, we have a range of formal training, self-paced training, mentoring, and on-the-job development, to support your professional development.

In other instances, learning and development is customised to your individual needs and aspirations, and is facilitated through the manager and employee relationship.