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Life Insurance Code of Practice

When you take out life insurance, it’s important that you get the highest standards of service in all your dealings with us.

That’s why we have adopted the Life Insurance Code of Practice. It’s the life insurance industry’s commitment to mandatory customer service standards and it’s designed to protect you, our customer.

What does the Life Insurance Code of Practice cover?

The Code sets out the life insurance industry’s key commitments and obligations to customers on standards of practice, disclosure and principles of conduct for their life insurance services, such as being open, fair and honest.  It also sets out timeframes for insurers to respond to claims, complaints and requests for information from customers.

The Code covers many aspects of your relationship with us, from buying insurance to making a claim, to providing options if you experience financial hardship or require additional support. It is monitored by an independent committee, to ensure effective compliance by life insurers. Insurers can be sanctioned if they do not correct breaches of the Code.

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General Insurance Code of Practice

As a member of the Insurance Council of Australia, Zurich Australian Insurance Limited is a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice: http://codeofpractice.com.au/


Financial Services Guides

These documents provide information in relation to:

  • The financial services we are authorised to provide you under our Australian Financial Services Licenses and the kinds of financial products to which those services relate
  • How we, and any other relevant parties, are paid
  • The associations we have with the issuers of financial products
  • Our internal and external dispute resolution procedures and how you can access them
  • How you can give us instructions.

Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

We endeavour at all times to provide our customers with the highest levels of service and professionalism – we recognise that use of suppliers and third parties is critical to this objective. Accordingly, Zurich uses a sustainable sourcing framework based on three core pillars that incorporate social, environmental and ethical values, to select the right suppliers to partner with. More information can be found in Zurich’s Supplier Code of Conduct below.