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Investment documents and forms

Product Disclosure Statements

A Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) is an important document that describes financial products - their benefits as well as their risks.

To invest directly in a Zurich Investments fund you need to read the fund’s PDS and complete and lodge the Application Form at the end of the PDS.

PDS updates

17/05/2017 - Update to the Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund PDS: Update of Investment Partner

With effect 17 May 2017, Nikko AM Limited will replace Above the Index Asset Management Pty Ltd within the Australian shares asset class.



30/12/2016 - Update to the Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund PDS: Update of Investment Return Objective

With effect 1 January 2017, the investment return objective of the Managed Growth Fund is:

To provide investors with capital growth over the medium to long term, through exposure across a range of asset classes.
The fund aims to achieve CPI+2.5% pa over rolling five year periods before fees and taxes.



01/12/2016 - Zurich Investments managed funds no longer available for investment in New Zealand

As at 1 December 2016, Zurich Investments managed investment schemes will cease to be distributed in New Zealand.

All references to New Zealand or other overseas investors in the Product Disclosure Statement and Additional Information Guide are no longer applicable. The information about "Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorism Financing Requirements, FATCA & Other Relevant Laws" in the Application Booklet is still applicable.

The following information is added to the Additional Information Guide:

Residency and applicable laws

Zurich Investments funds are designed for customers who are resident in Australia. If you move to another country outside of Australia, the fund may no longer be suitable for your individual needs, and you may no longer be eligible to make contributions into the fund. The local laws and regulations of the jurisdiction to which you move may affect Zurich Investments’ ability to continue to service your investment in accordance with its terms and conditions.

You need to tell Zurich Investments of any planned change in residency before the change happens.

We do not offer tax advice, so if you decide to live outside Australia, we recommend obtaining advice on the tax consequences of changing your country of residence in relation to your investment. We will not be held liable for any adverse tax consequences that arise in respect of you or your investment as a result of such a change in residence.

A change in residency might require Zurich Investments to suspend or terminate your investment accordingly.

We and other companies within the worldwide Zurich group of companies have obligations under Australian and foreign laws. Regardless of any other investment terms and conditions, Zurich Investments reserves the right to take any action (or not take any action) which could place us or another company within the group at risk of breaching Australian laws or laws in any other country.

All financial transactions are subject to compliance with applicable trade or economic sanctions laws and regulations.

Zurich Investments may terminate an investment where you are considered to be a sanctioned person, or you conduct an activity which is sanctioned, according to trade or economic sanctions laws and regulations.

Each investment is based on the legal and regulatory requirements applicable at the time the investment is issued. Should the legal and regulatory requirements change in a material way, Zurich Investments is entitled to adapt the terms and conditions to the changed legal and regulatory requirements, provided the change is lawful.



01/12/2016 - Changes to buy/sell spreads

The buy/sell spreads for the Zurich Investments Small Companies Fund have changed following a review of the underlying transaction costs incurred by the fund. Refer to the table below for the changes effective 1 December 2016.

Fund   Previous buy/sell spread New buy/sell spread
Zurich Investments Small Companies Fund  0.30% / 0.30%  0.20% / 0.20%

 Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for each product for information on buy/sell spreads and transaction costs.


22/1/2016 - Managed Growth Fund Removal of Investment Partner

Update to the Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund PDS: Removal of Investment Partner

Effective 22 January 2016, the Alternative Investment asset class within the Managed Growth Fund will no longer include Colonial First State Investments  Ltd as an investment partner.


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