Tools and insights

Z Track

See your claims progress and history, create reports and benchmark your motor fleet.

Z Track gives you access around the clock to:

  • Lodge a Claim
  • Claims Enquiry – where you can quickly and easily see how your claims are progressing, featuring the notes on your claims, the option to be emailed when a claim passes key milestones and the contact at Zurich handling each claim
  • Reports – Claims Experience Reports showing the history of claims on a policy, as print-ready PDFs or as data extracts for exporting
  • Z Fleet Navigator – a unique online service where fleet operators can monitor, measure, review and report on many areas of their fleet’s performance and compare a fleet using benchmarking analytics on a de-identified and aggregated basis, producing powerful reports that help you to target where to reduce your risks
  • Workers Compensation – reports on workers compensation claims, with detailed lists and graphics to help you see trends and patterns in accidents, such as when, where, why and to whom accidents have occurred, how much time has been lost and the cost of claims.

New features include:

  • Marine Claims now available on Claims Enquiry.
  • Managed Claims Experience Report  - Detailed reports identifying cost centre and divisional information, and financials of each claim.
  • Aggregate Arrangement Management Reports - Allows Customers to view transactional data and the calculation on their aggregate.