February 07, 2020

February 07, 2020 | Broker News

The ideal risk management companion


The highest volume of Zurich Risk Advisor (ZRA) app downloads across the world are in Australia. So, it’s clear to see that ZRA is becoming an even more popular tool, helping you and your customers quickly get to grips with the risks in their business.  We’ve read about the valuable insights and practical risk improvement ideas you can receive from the app in 60 seconds or less - but what about the longer term?

Lead Scientist, Anthony Hatherell, looks deeper into how ZRA can be a valuable companion to risk management activities. From offering a simple way to keep track of progress, to providing in-depth information and expert support to continually make your customers businesses safer – using ZRA means you will start to be valued by your customer as an advisor as well as a broker.

Risk management assessments are an ongoing process, not something that’s completed just once. This means it’s important to carry out regular reviews to see how your customers are doing, identify potential issues and see what actions need to be taken.  Zurich Risk Advisor’s reporting functions make it quick and easy to identify areas of risk and share this progress with your customers. You can also highlight areas that may need more attention, prompting the question of what to do next.

While risk snapshots are a great way to get started on a particular risk area, sooner or later you or your customers will want to dig a little deeper into a topic. Instead of just searching for risk management solutions in your favourite search engine and hope for the best, you can turn to Zurich Risk Advisor’s ever-growing library of risk insights to give your customers a truly informed answer. ZRA is based on over 100 years of combined experience and expertise of a global team of risk engineers, giving you practical information and access to downloadable PDFs and videos on over 100 risk topics. In these insights you’ll find the latest information and advice on analysing your customers existing and emerging risks. You’ll also find case studies sharing lessons learned from claims, to help you prevent similar losses for your customers. In addition, the ZRA app also provides you with a Safety Tip each week, so you can share these with your customer base regularly.

In short, we’ve done the research for you. And armed with these insights, you can advise practical risk management improvement actions for your customers.

Download Zurich Risk Advisor today from your phone’s app store for instant access to the reports, insights and support you need to keep helping your customers reduce the risks in their business.