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Income protection

Life goes on with income protection insurance

Running a household, paying bills and putting food on the table – it all costs money. Sometimes keeping up with day-to-day life means we simply can’t afford to take time off work.

Income protection is about giving yourself some space to breathe should you become sick or injured and need to take some time off work to recover. It’s about making sure you still have income coming through the door each month to keep life humming along.

Here is an example of how income protection insurance works.

Pierre works as an urban planner for a property development company in a busy metropolitan area. His busy work life is matched by an equally busy family life. Pierre became a father for the first time only three months ago and his partner Chloe has taken a year off work to care for their new baby.

One rainy morning Pierre is rushing to work and slips on the pavement, falling hard. He sustains a back injury and breaks his upper arm. Unable to work for the next two months, Pierre’s income protection policy provides him a monthly payment of 75 per cent of his insured salary. His broken arm is an injury specified under the policy, which means he can be paid without the need for any waiting period. This gives his young family the immediate financial support they need to keep up with the demands of day-to-day life without dipping into the savings they had reserved for buying a new home. It also means Chloe would not be forced to return to work much earlier than they had both wished.

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