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When we make changes to our products, we pass back as many improvements as we can to existing customers for new conditions occurring after the effective date of the change.  Details of our most recent enhancements are set out here.  Not all of the improvements will apply to your policy – you should refer to your policy schedule and for more detail about the cover you hold, and contact your adviser if you need more information.

If you have Optional Protection Benefits attached to a Zurich Superannuation Plan (ZSP), then the changes which apply to your cover form part of the Wealth Protection policy updates.

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Zurich FutureWise

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More Administration forms for Zurich FutureWise can be found in the Zurich Wealth Protection, Zurich Active and Zurich Sumo administration forms section

Frequently Asked Questions for Advisers

What happens to my client's existing claims for Zurich FutureWise?

To make a new claim, you can fill out this online form or contact us directly at insurance.claims@zurich.com.au or on 1800 208 130.

What systems do I need to use to quote and apply?

For Zurich FutureWise please use Insurance Online. For more information on quote and apply click here. A project to migrate all products onto Zurich's platform during 2017 is underway and advisers will be kept informed on the progress of this integration project.

Will the Macquarie and Zurich application and Life Insured Statement/Personal Statement be interchangeable?

No. until late July 2017 the quote and apply process will be via two systems, Zurich's ZXpress and Macquarie's Insurance Online. This means the Life Insured Statement/Personal Statement will be virtually unchanged, and continue to be product-specific.

Can I sell to overseas residents?

Zurich only offers insurance cover to Australian residents who apply for insurance from within Australia. 

How do I obtain my commission report?

Zurich will send through commission reports for Wealth Protection, Active and Sumo products. Commission reports for Zurich FutureWise will be sent to you via email by Macquarie.

Who will pay my commission going forward?

Macquarie will administer the payment of commission on in-force business on behalf of Zurich, until the finalisation of the transfer of business to Zurich, which is anticipated to be 1 November 2017.  From early to mid 2017 all new Zurich Active and Sumo business will be written on the Zurich systems and therefore will be paid by Zurich.

Where do I access my information about previous Macquarie clients?

You will be able to access information for your Macquarie clients through Insurance Online until October 2017.

Who do I contact in regards to Zurich FutureWise, Zurich Active and Zurich Sumo claims?

Please use the contact details below.

Phone: 1800 208 130

Fax: 1800 065 145

Email: insurance.claims@zurich.com.au

Mail: GPO Box 4443 Sydney NSW 2001

Please click here to see all of our contacts

Who should I contact for Zurich FutureWise, Zurich Active and Zurich Sumo queries?

For any FutureWise, Zurich Active related queries please contact 1800 005 057 or life.insurance@zurich.com.au.
For any Zurich Sumo related queries please contact 1800 631 807 or life.insurance@zurich.com.au.
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Where do I send my paper application form?

Please post, email or fax your Wealth Protection, Active or Sumo applications to:

Fax: 02 9995 3797

Email: life.newbusiness@zurich.com.au

Mail: Underwriting/New Business

Locked Bag 994

North Sydney NSW 2059


Please post or email your Zurich FutureWise applications to:

Mail: GPO Box 5216 Brisbane QLD 4001

Email: life.insurance@zurich.com.au

Will data feeds be available through XPLAN for Macquarie clients?

Data feeds will not be available initially through XPLAN for Zurich FutureWise (Macquarie clients). But data feeds are available for Wealth Protection products, download below.

Adviser Portals

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Adviser contacts

General enquires: 1800 500 655

Email: adviser.service@zurich.com.au

All FutureWise enquires: 1800 005 057

Email: life.insurance@zurich.com.au

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