Zurich evolves service to Brokers

Zurich Financial Services has this week indicated its intention to further enhance its service delivery model as it aligns structure to its business strategy.

“These changes will enable our in-state based underwriters to spend more time with brokers and their customers by streamlining internal underwriting processes,” said Daniel Fogarty, CEO for Zurich General Insurance. “It will be easier for brokers to transact business with Zurich and to ensure that we consistently deliver.

“Following on from the success of the Xpress Underwriting Centre (XUC), a separate service centre was established to manage some elements of case underwriting renewals. These two teams were brought together earlier this year as the Zurich Underwriting Centre (ZUC).

“This next development proposes the establishment of state-focussed Commercial service delivery teams within the ZUC – working alongside in-state teams.

“This will further remove internal underwriting processes from states and allow our experienced underwriters to focus more on brokers and their customers. The two teams will operate as one, providing underwriting expertise and service excellence. Global Corporate will retain its own specialist teams to deliver the GC proposition.

“These developments will necessitate a rebalancing of roles between state and ZUC over the next six months - although the net effect will be largely the same - and will also impact some head office distribution positions. Redeployment opportunities and relocation are available.

“We are very clear about our strategy and this structure will provide the right level of resources in the right areas. We remain committed to our state presence and this development will provide two teams working together for each state.

“We are excited by our strategy and 2015 plans and what they will bring to brokers. We are very clear on the skills and attributes we need to achieve these plans and we have been very deliberate in the decisions we have taken. Making sure both our leadership, market-facing expertise and service delivery is lined up to our strategy is essential.

“We are greatly appreciative of the support that we receive from brokers and we want to reinforce, that whatever we do, their interests are top of mind for us,” Mr Fogarty said.


For further information contact:

Helen Black
Head of Marketing, Communications & Customer, General Insurance
Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited
Level 3, 5 Blue Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060

Phone: +61 (02) 9995 1368
Email: Helen.black@zurich.com.au

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