Zurich Superannuation Plan

Choose the right superannuation fund

The choices you make today about your superannuation fund will affect your retirement. Zurich’s superannuation funds are a convenient way to save for your retirement.

Flexible superannuation funds

The Zurich Superannuation Plan (‘ZSP’) is designed to provide you with benefits for your retirement.  ZSP is a flexible plan because of the wide scope members have with regard to the level of contribution, the type of contribution, insurance options and investment choices.

With a range of investment choices, the Zurich Superannuation Plan has an investment solution that will meet your needs; everything from cash options through to Australian and Global Thematic share options.

Read more information on Performance and performance benchmarks.

Key features

The Zurich Superannuation Plan is a superannuation fund that offers a wide range of contributions levels, types of contributions, insurance options, as well as investment choices.

Competitive fees and charges Typically, portfolio management charges (or “administration” fees) are based on a tiered structure, where different fees apply to different portions of an account balance above specified thresholds.  However, both the Zurich Superannuation Plan and Zurich Account Based Pension administration fees are based on a stepped structure, whereby a single fee is determined by, and then applied to, the entire account balance for ZSP, or the adjusted investment amount for ZABP.

Extensive superannuation funds investments choices The Zurich Superannuation Plan offers a choice of investment options to create an overall investment portfolio that suits your personal needs and goals. 

Members are able to select from a range of professionally constructed options that combine the expertise of a number of strategic investment managers who are recognised as being amongst the best in their area of expertise.  By combining these specialist investment managers with Zurich’s excellence in customer service, we are able to offer an exclusive range of investments to Australian investors. 

If you'd like further information on how Zurich manages money, you can download an overview of our strategic investment partners (new window).

Flexible payment options
  • Direct debit
  • BPAY
  • Cheque

Types of superannuation funds contributions
  • Compulsory employer contribution
  • Voluntary employer contributions
  • Personal contributions
  • Self-employed contributions
  • Spouse contributions
  • Rollovers and transfers from other funds
  • Government co-contributions

Contribution flexibility There is no minimum additional contribution required once you have made your initial investment

Minimum initial investment Regular: $150 per month
Lump sum: $2,500

Minimum withdrawal No minimum withdrawal

Minimum balance per investment option No minimum balance

Additional insurance benefits can be added At Zurich, we believe it is important to provide insurance products that are supported by quality definitions and a comprehensive range of included and optional benefits.  As such, ZSP offers a range of competitive and affordable choices in insurance cover, and premiums are deducted automatically from the member’s account each month.

The range of ZSP Optional Protection Benefits that can be structured to meet your individual needs include Death cover, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover, and Income Replacement.

Binding nominations on your death Members are able to make binding nominations confidently and easily.  We have designed the nomination process to ensure that the benefits are generally distributed in accordance with your wishes where you have provided us with a Binding Death Nomination, with the flexibility of choosing specific named beneficiaries or categories of beneficiaries.  Benefits can be paid as a lump sum, account-based pension, or a combination of both.

Online access for members For direct access to information about your investments and superannuation, register now or login to My Zurich (new window).

Summary of fees


Fees & charges *

Entry Fee Not applicable

Exit Fee Not applicable

Portfolio Management Charge^
on account balance


Less than $99,999 0.85% p.a.

$100,000 - $249,999 0.75% p.a.

$250,000+ 0.50% p.a.

Investment Management Fee From 0.01% p.a. to 1.87% p.a. depending on the investment option

Adviser ongoing remuneration Not built into fees on plan#

Switching fee Nil


* These are the actual fees payable after the taxation deduction benefit has been applied that Zurich passes on to the client in the form of a reduced fee.
^ The Portfolio Management Charge (ie Administration Fee) is based on total account balance and is subject to a minimum fee of $21.20 per month (effective 1 April 2015)
# In addition to the fees and costs charged by Zurich, you can agree with your financial adviser to have adviser service fees (known as Member Advice Fees) paid directly from your account. For further information on adviser service fees, please refer to the ZSP/ZABP Fee Guide.

How to apply

To apply for this product you need to complete and submit the relevant application form attached to a current Product Disclosure Statement together with your initial investment.

Click here to view all Superannuation and Retirement PDS's, PDS updates, and incorporated documents.

Applications can generally only be accepted through your financial adviser.

Given the importance of choosing the right product to suit your individual financial needs and objectives, we recommend you seek specialised financial and taxation advice whether you are a new or existing investor.

Find a financial adviser

If you would like assistance in contacting a financial adviser, please contact us:

Zurich Client Service Centre
Phone: 131 551
Email: client.service@zurich.com.au

You can read further information on choosing the right financial adviser in your local area to discuss your superannuation strategies.

Zurich Superannuation Plan documents
Superannuation Plan - incorporated documents
Zurich Investments - Global expertise, Specialist application, Unique products

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For over 30 years, Zurich Australia's investment business has been providing specialist solutions to advisers and their clients. The investment business is able to draw on its global strength and scale to provide innovative investment solutions and exceptional service.


Zurich Super Estate Management

Did you know that after your death the trustee of most superannuation funds can decide which of your dependants, or your legal personal representative, will receive your superannuation benefit? In the past, even if you nominated beneficiaries, the trustees of these funds still had the discretion to distribute your benefits differently.

How binding nominations can give you peace of mind

Due to changes in legislation, and provided certain legal requirements are met, this is no longer the case. You can now have a say about who will receive your death benefit by making a binding nomination. Binding nominations, subject to certain restrictions and providing it is a valid nomination, are just that - binding. The trustee generally has no discretion to override your nomination. This gives you both control and peace of mind.

With Zurich Super Estate Management, you not only get the certainty afforded by the binding nomination provisions, but the ability to ensure your benefits are distributed in a tax effective manner. It's a flexible way to provide security for those who rely on you while maximising the tax advantages of superannuation.

Who can use Zurich Super Estate Management?

Zurich Super Estate Management is available for investors in the Zurich Master Superannuation Fund, the trustee of which is Zurich Australian Superannuation Pty Limited.

Seek professional advice

Certain legislative provisions in some States may negate the effect of a nomination. We recommend that you seek professional advice on any potential impact. If you would like assistance, click on the links below:

Getting started

Download and print a copy of the Zurich Super Estate Management brochure, which includes the application form.




Important note: These offers are only available to people receiving it (including electronically) within Australia. We cannot accept cash, print applications, or electronic applications signed, mailed or sent from outside Australia. Monies received must always be in Australian dollars.

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