Pleasurecraft insurance claims

If you are insured by a Helmsman Elite insurance policy and a loss or damage is discovered, you should:

  1. Take all reasonable steps to minimise any further loss or damage.
  2. Immediately notify your insurance broker.
  3. Note the details of the incident including:
    • dates and times
    • names and contacts details of any witnesses
    • a diagram of the scene.
    In the event of a collision or grounding, it will assist with understanding the situation/circumstances of the accident.
  4. Call our Claims area and ask them to send you the appropriate claim form.
  5. Complete the claim form.
    Please note: if there is no damage to your vessel but there is loss, damage, injury or expense to a third party, please refer to the Marine Liability claims section.
  6. Please provide the following documents together with the claim form. We do not require the originals (unless specifically requested) provided legible copies can be supplied.
    • Photographs of the damage
    • Quotation for repair/replacement
    • Accident/incident report/statutory notice (if applicable)
    • Letter of demand (if applicable)
    • Boat licence.
  7. Send completed claim form and relevant documents to your insurance broker.
  8. Inform your local maritime authority for incidents on the water and the police for any loss involving theft and vandalism.

Depending on the size or type of loss we may appoint a surveyor to inspect the goods and gather information. In the event that we do appoint a surveyor, the documents requested above should be made available to them as this will assist in the handling of your claim.

You should not without our prior written consent, incur any expense in making good any loss or damage (other than to minimise any further loss).

If your loss occurred outside of Australia you should notify our appointed overseas claims agent.