Product Safety & Recall Insurance

Demand for product recall cover has increased significantly over recent years as consumer awareness increases, legislative requirements become more stringent, supply chains more complex and contractual conditions more onerous. 

High profile recall cases have added to customer concerns and fuelled demand. The impact of a product recall event has the potential to cause severe damage to a company's brand reputation and balance sheet and, as such, it is a highly relevant concern for many of our customers.

In this environment, Zurich's product safety and recall insurance provides a market-leading combination of recall planning and preparation advice, broad coverage plus post-loss consultancy to help minimise damage to the brand and the balance sheet.

Zurich's Product Safety and Recall Insurance is suited to manufacturers, distributors and retailers of consumer, food & beverage products with a turnover exceeding $10 million, who have a Zurich Combined General Liability policy.

  • Consumer products: clothing/textiles, household & electrical goods, cosmetics
  • Food and beverage products: fish, meat, cereals, bakery products, fruit and vegetables, food contact materials.

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Zurich offers an innovative product recall solution that gives customers wider choice and coverage than the market currently offers. The Zurich unique selling points are:

  • Flexible, unbundled coverage options including stand alone accidental contamination and accidental defect cover
  • Balance sheet protection with indemnity periods up to 24 months for loss of gross profits
  • Variable single loss limits and aggregate loss limits
  • Simplified, single policy covering food, drink and consumer products
  • Significant capacity offered of up to $25 million and an additional indemnity limit of $10 million for consultancy fees
  • In-house risk engineering pre-loss consultancy support providing recall planning and preparation advice
  • Partnership with a global leader in crisis consultancy

Beyond the product – superior service and commitment around the globe

Service is a crucial component of our offering. Whether you are operating locally or globally, we want to give you peace of mind and confidence when dealing with us.

  • Underwriting: Dedicated casualty underwriting professionals bring you industry experience and a broad knowledge of the product safety and recall marketplace
  • Claims service: Zurich’s team of claims professionals helps customers through their loss with prompt, fair and easy-to-understand assistance.
  • Dedicated 24 hour claims helpline.

Highlights of covers

Zurich’s Product Safety and Recall Insurance is designed to meet the needs of corporate organisations in challenging times. It provides broad coverage to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind.

  • Product recall costs
  • Third party recall costs
  • Replacement costs
  • Business Interruption
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Extortion costs
  • Consultant & advisory costs
  • Defence costs.

Policy trigger event

  • Accidental contamination and accidental defect of a product
  • Malicious tampering of a product
  • Malicious publicity
  • Product extortion of a loss.

Insured products

  • Within customers’ care (eg within the warehouse and during transportation)
  • Outside customers’ care (eg once the product has reached the retailer).



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