Agility to deliver what our customers expect

With close to 20 years in Claims and Underwriting in Zurich, and even longer in the insurance industry, Nick Palmer, Assistant Underwriter, Global Business Unit (NSW) was a natural choice for two short assignments in Indonesia in two successive years. Being given the opportunity to learn from an experience in another country is not always about university education or high ambition. Sometimes your knowledge, skill set, personality and deep experience in the industry are just as valuable in helping to deliver what our customers expect.

One of Zurich’s key strengths is its capability to write international business in many countries around the world and its established networks and infrastructure for doing so. For many global organisations, this is the ticket to the game when seeking an insurer to work with.

This translates into opportunities for Zurich people to take assignments which give them exposure to different cultures, different ways of doing things and opportunities to share information for mutual benefit. These assignments can be as short as two weeks or can be years. At the heart of decisions about such international assignments is Zurich’s commitment to delivering what customers expect. With the mantra, “You teach me so I can help you”, and a strong customer focus, Nick has the kind of unassuming, respectful demeanour that is a huge asset when working with colleagues to help find better ways of doing things. He is also open to opportunities to continue learning about the best way to translate customer instructions into local conditions, and so had no problem saying “yes” to a second opportunity when an already experienced person was needed for assignment abroad.

Of course, he used his weekends away (and his camera) to make the most of being in an exotic location and to visit sights in and around Jakarta or further afield such as Bogor Botanical Gardens or the famed Borobudur temple.

Nick Palmer travelling in IndonesiaNick Palmer travelling in Indonesia