Motoring ahead

After just three years in underwriting with Zurich, Khoder Chehade, Head of Motor, General Insurance is leading the number one provider of Fleet solutions for our customers. He joined Zurich as Underwriting Manager for Victoria and Tasmania in 2010 and after participating in Zurich’s Future Leaders Program in 2012, was promoted to Head of Motor and transferred to Sydney.

Khoder began his insurance career in Heavy Motor Claims Recoveries where he developed a keen interest in how claims triggered pricing, and worked his way through Sedan Fleet all the way through to Construction Plant & Equipment.  He is now responsible for leading a highly regarded and experienced team of Fleet underwriters and managing a national Fleet portfolio that covers almost anything on wheels.

Though his first step into the insurance industry was not specially planned that way, Khoder has been careful to select managers and mentors who he believes he can learn from and from whom he can get a clear understanding of what he’s tasked with. It’s not only about the role or the specific organisation, but also about where you want to be and who can help you achieve that. Having the best team to work with is also a component that’s critical to success.

Khoder continues to be committed to developing his Zurich Individual Development Plan and believes that to be mobile in your career, you need to be prepared to move.