Zurich Basics, our code of conduct, embeds engagement with our communities in the way we do things. The Z Zurich Foundation (new window), combined with the many local community programs and activities undertaken around the world, are an active expression of the Zurich Commitment to our communities.

Working with The Smith Family

Zurich in Australia works together with The Smith Family, an organisation committed to helping young Australians in need get the most from their education. Our support helps fund ‘Learning for Life’, a Smith Family program which supports disadvantaged children and young people to fully participate in their education.

In addition to making an annual corporate donation, Zurich hosts a variety of fund-raisers and also provides staff with opportunities to actively assist The Smith Family in their work.

Volunteering in the community

All Zurich employees are encouraged to take a volunteer day each year which can be for any registered charity or not-for-profit organisation.

Community Engagement Program

The positive impact of Zurich’s investment in the community over many years has contributed to well-being and encouraged sustainable development that complements the social and economic value of our core business.


Global Community Week
Investing in communities