Ezicover Income Protection

Ezicover Income Protection can help ease the financial strain of an injury or sickness by providing up to $12,000 per month if you are unable to work in any occupation due to sickness or injury.
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  • No medical examination required
  • First Month’s cover freeYour first month’s cover is free, meaning no premiums are payable for the period of one month from the start date of your policy
  • Worldwide cover 24/7The policy provides you with cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week, world wide (with the exception of countries where the Australian government has advised against travel to that country at the start of your trip)
  • Generally tax deductible premiumGenerally, the premiums you pay for your policy can be claimed as a tax deduction by both employees and self-employed people
  • Discount for existing Ezicover Life Insurance customersGet 5% discount if you also have an Ezicover Life Insurance policy
  • Lump sum payout for heart attack, cancer or stroke with no waiting periodIf you are diagnosed with one of the three common critical illnesses, Cancer, Stroke or Heart Attack (as specifically defined in the PDS), we will waive the waiting period and provide you with a lump sum payout equivalent to three month’s benefit
  • Monthly benefit paid for up to 5 yearsBenefit payments, for all valid claims, are made monthly, with the first payment commencing 15 days after the waiting period ends, helping you better manage your expenses. Benefits under this policy are payable to you, the policy owner
  • Available to Australian residents aged 19 – 60This policy is only available to Australian citizens or those holding permanent resident status of Australia, who are residing in Australia on a permanent basis, aged from 19 to 60



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