Virtual Fire Safety Manager

Reduce your business's fire risks

With Virtual Fire Safety Manager, you can reduce your business's fire risks and prepare your employees for a fire emergency.

While insurance may soften the financial impact, if a business is not well prepared, fire can not only deliver a commercial death blow, but tragically cut short the life of one or more employees.

Zurich’s innovative Virtual Fire Safety Manager (VFSM) can help businesses of any size better prevent and survive a fire.

How does it work?

With VFSM, everyone in the organisation, from the receptionist to the chief executive, can be trained on what they need to do in an emergency.

The interactive web-based fire safety training program, which takes around 10 to 15 minutes per module to complete and two hours all up, introduces employees to the basics of how fires begin and develop, how to recognise the onset of a fire and respond in the safest manner, and how to identify workplace fire hazards and take appropriate preventative action.

Standard training covers the three main hazards that cause approximately 80% of commercial and industrial fires – arson, electrical and hot work. After each module, the employee does a knowledge check and on completion of the entire course receives a certificate.

Since its launch in May 2004, VFSM has been enthusiastically taken up by a diverse range of organisations, such as:

  • Linfox
  • Spotless
  • PFD Food Services
  • Victorian Local Government (Councils).

Have a think about this

It can take as little as three minutes for a small electrical fire to engulf a room and reach temperatures in excess of 800. Quick thinking can avoid costly, even fatal, mistakes from occurring. Apart from helping instil a culture of fire prevention, Zurich's VFSM modulated learning approach can also help activate the proper, coordinated response from employees and managers alike should an emergency ignite.

For more information

Zurich, in collaboration with IDS Multimedia, has developed an interactive online demo explaining in greater detail the range of benefits and potential savings gained from VFSM. The demo and other information - including a features tour, online resources and PDFs - is available from the VFSM website.

You can also contact your local Zurich representative or email

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