Zurich’s updated Privacy documents

We have recently updated our privacy disclosures. The Privacy Collection Statement contains information about how Zurich collects, uses, discloses and handles personal information, including the personal information of insureds and claimants.

This Statement covers our general insurance products, including compulsory third party and workers’ compensation insurance. This Statement applies to all your existing clients and future clients until further notice.

As an insurance broker, Zurich provides this Statement to you to ensure the individuals/customers you act for, whether they are our insureds, claimants or third party beneficiaries and others, have appropriate information about how we handle their personal information.

We have recently updated our product documentation to include up-to-date privacy disclosures and have updated our Privacy Policy which includes details of how we handle personal information and how individuals can access and correct their information or make a complaint about Privacy.

You can access our Privacy Policy online, contact us by phone on 132 687, email Privacy.Officer@zurich.com.au or write to 'The Privacy Officer', Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited, P.O. Box 677, North Sydney NSW 2059. 

If you have any questions please contact your Local Broker Manager or use one of the options above.