Updated commodity listing on Z.stream for marine cargo

What do carpets, porcelain, coal, electronic equipment or dry groceries have in common? They are just a small number of the commodities for marine cargo now listed on Z.stream.

In our latest release for Z.stream, we have updated the commodity listing for marine cargo products that improves the  underwriting questions which delivers a fast and easy way to complete underwriting questions each time you quote marine cargo, and allows immediate closing.

Z.stream on Sunrise delivers marine cargo capability for quoting and closing new business, part of Zurich’s commitment to ongoing investment in innovation. The latest benefits include:

  • Easier to use commodity listing
  • Removal of annual declarations
  • Sharper rates with more relevant underwriting questions
  • Automation of clauses reduces referrals making Zurich’s marine cargo a true fast flow proposition.

Access our Marine Cargo Insurance demo to see how quick and easy it is to use this new innovative capability on Z.stream.