New Directors and Officers Liability policy with broadened trigger points

Zurich is proud to launch our new Directors and Officers Liability coverage. In conjunction with our financial strength, international program capabilities and experienced claims team, it enables us to continue offering your clients a strong value proposition.

We have broadened the trigger points of the policy, so that we can respond to a wider range of scenarios that directors may face in today's environment e.g. unannounced visits by regulators, or directors being prevented from leaving a country or being arrested and detained overseas.

Placing the interests of directors at the forefront of our thought process, we now offer the provision for directors to arrange an extended reporting period in the event that the company does not do so on their behalf.

  • More cover for directors and officers
  • US claims cover - broadened
  • Extended reporting period – enhanced options
  • Company reputation protection expenses – additional cover.

Check out our Download product documents page and collateral for more details.