Commercial Crime insurance solution

Zurich is pleased to announce the launch of our new Commercial Crime insurance wording.

The risk to your customers’ business of crime loss is ever present. The determined fraudster or thief will exploit control weaknesses in even the most well prepared organisations. Developments in technology and communication bring both additional protection and increased opportunity to defraud.

Designed to meet the needs of corporate customers, the Zurich Commercial Crime is a stand-alone policy that provides broad coverage to ensure protection and peace of mind to your customers against a wide range of criminal activity.

Available to a wide range of industries and professions, Zurich’s new wording incorporates a broad range of benefits that include:

  • Broad protection for loss of money, property and securities
  • Costs of up to 8 hours of time spent by loss investigator to produce a proof of loss
  • No requirement to show ‘manifest intent’ or to identify a fraudulent or dishonest employee
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Telephone system fraud coverage extension
  • Broad definition of employee, including volunteers and retired employees on contract.

21 Extensions of cover including business interruption, care custody and control, contractual penalties, investigation costs, legal expenses, to name a few, have been included.

For smaller companies, Zurich can cover Commercial Crime as part of our Management Liability policy.

Zurich is committed to Financial Lines and to providing our customers with the best protection against their financial risks in a variety of areas.

For a competitive quote, contact the Zurich Australia Financial Lines team or find more information about Commercial crime insurance.


Marc Luginbuehl
Head of Financial Lines
Zurich Australian Insurance Limited