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Small Companies Fund

An opportunity to invest in small companies with the potential to provide substantial growth.

The Zurich Investments Small Companies Fund invests in small companies which have the potential to provide substantial growth opportunities. It also offers unique allocation to smaller companies in Asia when there is the potential for further growth.

The Small Companies Fund is managed by our strategic investment partner, Ellerston Capital, a specialist fund manager with a deep understanding of the small cap market and a strong record of accomplishment. The team identifies under-priced investment opportunities using fundamental ‘bottom-up’ stock picking approach. The team also takes a ‘top down’ view on regional and global markets and economies. The absolute return philosophy enables the team to create a portfolio of best ideas regardless of the stocks weight in the benchmark.

Small Companies Fund key features

  • A high conviction fund focused on achieving high returns
  • Strong and robust investment process
  • Managed by a highly experienced investment team
  • Opportunistic allocation to Asian Small Cap equities (excluding Japan)

Small Companies Fund at a glance

Investment universe Stocks listed on the ASX outside of the 50 Leaders
Up to 20% in stocks listed in Asia (ex Japan)
Market Capitalisation Limits A$50m for ASX stocks outside of the 50 Leaders
A$300m - $5bn for Asian (ex Japan)
Currency management Fully hedged back to the Australian dollar
Investment style Style neutral, benchmark unaware
Target return 2% to 3% p.a. above the benchmark over rolling three to five-year periods
Tracking error Not targeted
Benchmark S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index (net dividends reinvested)
Number of stocks held 20-50
Risk profile High
Suggested investment timeframe Seven years +
Distribution frequency Half yearly

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