Zurich investments Australian value share fund

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Australian Value Share Fund

Invests in a broad selection of companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The Zurich Investments Australian Value Share Fund uses a relative value methodology to look for stocks with shares that appear to be under-priced to achieve long-term capital growth with some tax-effective income.

Australian Value Share Fund is managed by our strategic investment partner, Above the Index Asset Management, a boutique Australian equity manager, specialising in Australian equity portfolios. The fund’s approach presumes that each company has an underlying or intrinsic value which can be determined by research and analysis. It is these discrepancies between the intrinsic value of the share and the actual market price of the share which provides the opportunities to enhance investment performance.

Australian Value Share fund key features

  • ‘Relative value methodology’: invests in shares that are trading at a cheaper price than their perceived value
  • Disciplined and repeatable investment process
  • Research focused
  • Managed by a highly experienced investment team

Australian Value Share Fund at a glance

Investment universe Securities listed in the S&P/ASX 300
Investment style Value
Target return 3% p.a. excess return above benchmark over rolling 3 year periods
Tracking error Between 2% and 8% p.a.
Number of stocks held Typically 25-40
Benchmark S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Risk profile High
Suggested investment timeframe Seven years
Distribution frequency Quarterly


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