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Your most valuable asset may not be what you think it is

15 December 2015

Zurich Ezicover Income ProtectionWe Australians are a pretty optimistic bunch, but there’s a big difference though between having a relaxed outlook on life and leaving the important things to chance. It turns out plenty of us take the latter approach, with 38 per cent of Australians believing they would not be able to survive financially for more than a month before needing to sell assets if they became sick or injured and were unable to earn an income. [more...]

The support you need at claims time

15 December 2015

Broken legNo one likes to think they’ll need to claim on their life insurance policy in their lifetime. Most of us believe that as long as we stick to a healthy diet, get a bit of exercise and cut back on the base jumping, we’ll be just fine..

In reality – bad stuff happens. And it can happen to any of us no matter our age, occupation or state of health. [more...]

Could your home bring home the bacon this Christmas?

15 December 2015

Welcome homeFor most Australians the family homes is their most valuable asset, and also their biggest financial burden. But have you thought about using your home and personal belongings to boost your income? With last year’s festive season spending estimated to be more than $17 billion and the hip pocket horror only getting closer as we head into the summer months, it may be time to think about ways the bricks and mortar you’re sitting in could be transformed into the Christmas cash cow. [more...]

Celebrate YouTube’s 10th birthday with this trip down memory lane

15 December 2015

YouTube's 10th birthdayYouTube – breeding ground for the world wide web's wackiest and wildest viral videos — turns 10 this year. To celebrate, lets’ raise a glass and take a look back at some of the site’s 10 greatest hits. [more...]

20 Inspirational Life Quotes

29 June 2015

Zurich Ezicover Life  InsuranceWe are all motivated by something different, some of us by people, some of us by places, some of us by things and for some of us it is just the fact we are alive. Inspirational quotes are one thing known to motivate many of us, to inspire us to take action or challenge us to change the way we think about things. We hope the following 20 inspirational quotes will not only give you the edge to get through hard times but also the courage to pursue your dreams. [more...]

5 Quick & Healthy Soup Recipes for winter

27 June 2015

Zurich Ezicover Life  InsuranceWith winter just around the corner, the thought of curling up under the blankets with a big plate of comfort food is all too tempting. The good news is that there are many healthy foods that will satisfy your taste buds without those extra calories. Maintaining healthy eating during the colder months is so important.  It will keep you feeling great, keep your energy levels high and help put a positive spring in your step.

Check out some healthy food options with these 5 quick soup recipes. [more...]

50 Great Movies about Life - 50 Timeless Classics

23 June 2015

Zurich Ezicover Life  Insurance Movies are one of the most inspirational forms of entertainment. They can make us cry, laugh, teach us things, encourage us to change the way we behave and even make us want to do more with our life. They convey powerful stories of love, strength, acceptance and adversity that many of us can relate to. They can inspire us to take action and to change our life, and can help with some of the hard times of life. [more...]

The Unconventional Guide to Life - Tips Your Mother Never Told You

7 June 2015

Zurich Ezicover Life  InsuranceWe all love when we learn clever new ways to do things that make life just that bit easier. Little tricks or shortcuts, otherwise known as life hacks, can help us with some of the simple problems in life. There are literally hundreds of quirky ideas that could change the way you live, here are 50 to start you off. [more...]